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Nice app idea, but some Ui and UX challenges

I like the idea of the app very much, it's aligned with my goals, and I understand it's in beta, so want to give some feedback to help develop it further. The initial on boarding was a bit confusing ie how to sign up for thr extended trial. It took me re reading a few times to understand the steps. Additional I received an error when trying to enable Google pay, but later said success During the questionnaire, there were redundant subheadings for the first few, but then the question about smartphoneusage was missinga. Sub heading because I didn't understand what number it was asking for, I assumed the age I started using a smart phone? There was also a few grammatical errors in the questionnaire, it didn't read very well. I would have preferred that when I chose a multiple choice answer, that I didn't not have to click next button everything The text window wasn't big enough to be able to read my typed text beyond a few characters The progress bar wasn't very clear It took a while to get to the ai, would have liked to answer my questionnaire in ai chat style It would be more convenient if the ai gave more suggested prompts, especially when asking yes or no questions, or if it suggests option a or b, it was a bit long winded to keep typing yes or no or typing the full suggestion out I also felt that I was leading the conversation, and that the suggested stress buster wasn't very guided, I would have liked to have seen a link to a prompt or in app prompt I was very uncomfortable with enabling full device admin privileges, it would be good to share the disclaimer about how data is used, before you ask for consent to get full access. As the disclaimer came afterwards I really like the idea of your app, and with some tweaks to the ui and ux. I think this could be a great app. Good luck! I